Thursday, June 30, 2011


Are you looking for some effective natural  beauty tips for hands. Here you can get it. Hands play a very important role in our day today life. Without hands we can't do anything. So we have to take care about our hands.

We generally tend to forget is that our hands are on display all the time. The condition of the hands depends on the type of skin care you give them…and this is so true of every aspect of the appearance.Good grooming includes pretty hands so that you become beautiful women.
On the backside of hands, the skin is soft and thin. It is prone to early wrinkling. On the palm, the skin is thick and tough. The palm has no sebaceous glands, like most other parts of the body have.Therefore, it has no natural lubrication and can become exceedingly dry and rough. The skin chaps  easily. The use of detergents compounds the problem, giving you a pair of hands that you wish you could hide. The hands also show up age quicker than most parts of the body. So prevention through daily care is the only answer for making you a beautiful women.Try the following simple ,home made, natural recipes to protect your hands.



Vegetable Oil- One teaspoon
Egg yolk,- One
Lemon juice -one table spoon
Glycerin - one table spoon


Mix the ingredients all together. Apply this on your hand and leave it for 15 minutes.Then wash with rose water or herbal moisturizer. Do it on a regular basis. Your hands will remain healthy and glowing.If you don't have much time to do this, then you can try the following natural products.A lemon turmeric cream  -After your bath, or any washing chore, always massage your hands with a lemon turmeric cream is ideal. Lemon cleanses while turmeric softens the skin. The combination is protection against chlorine and detergent damage.

Natural Apricot Hand cream-Every night, before bedtime, use a cream on the hands, massaging for a few  minutes. Apricot hand creams are excellent for providing nourishment to the skin. Additionally,apricot helps to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme with a lanolin base is also good for the hands, giving them a mild bleaching treatment and nourishing the skin at the same time.

If you can afford the luxury of time you can always go for natural beauty, apply a bit of your daily face mask to your hands. This helps to cleanse, tone and smooth the skin. At least, give them this treatment once a week. Specially formulated natural body packs are also available that can be used on the hands that enhance the natural beauty in you.


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